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The Electrosensitive Society, which is dedicated to helping people who have electro-hyper-sensitivity (EHS).  We help people to find medical specialists familiar with EHS, remediation specialists who can help reduce EMF exposure and we help people to find and/or create low EMF zones where they can comfortably live, work and better enjoy life.  For specific information click on the solutions link above.  Feel free to contact with us with any questions and/or concerns as we also provide email and phone consultation. Click here to visit their website.

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What is EHS?

Are you Electro Hyper Sensitive?

Individuals from around the world that have come to realize that our body is bio-electric and thus is sensitive to the negative effects from over-exposures to electromagnetic fields from our modern technology. Here in these pages, we share information and resources on how to live safely in this ever expanding wireless world.

To begin your journey of discovery, we invite you to download our free introductory copy of Rewire Me eMagazine to gain an understanding of some of the challenges we face as a modern society that has lost its connection to nature while in pursuit of the modern telecommunication conveniences that connect us to each other. We realize that this technology brings great benefits to mankind but it needs to be used in moderation so our bodies can recover.  Just like we need to escape the smog of the big cities and venture into the fresh air of public parks, we need to escape the unseen electrosmog that is absorbed into our body. It’s important to take a digital detox and reconnect to nature on a regular basis.

Are you Electrosensitive?

Do you get headaches when you talk on your cell phone? Do your ears ring after using wireless headsets.  When you put your cellphone on the desk – have you ever experienced a vibration in the pocket where you keep your phone?  You may have become electrosensitive.  Many people experience this phantom ring.  It’s not serious and will often go away when you reduce the use of your phone.

Some people become electrohypersensitive – EHS – and in this case, they become so sensitive to electromagnetic fields they cannot function in society. Working behind a computer becomes impossible. A trip to a coffee shop with free WiFi becomes a challenge. They are often misdiagnosed as having fibromyalgia or other neurological conditions and are prescribed medication. When your electrosensitive symptoms turn into a major neurological disorder, it’s extremely difficult to function in society and you need to seek specialized medical attention from doctors that have been trained to reduce environmental toxins and viral loads in the body that weaken the immune system.

In North America, most doctors are unaware of how to recognize and treat EHS.. There are countries in Europe  that recognize EHS as a disability and provide medical services to their population.  Doctors in North America who want to specialize in treating EHS patients often travel to Germany, Austria or Switzerland where they can take courses on environmental medicine.

If you or someone you know feels that they have become electrosensitive from over-exposure to electromagnetic fields and require help, we have produced an interactive questionnaire using guidelines from the Austrian Medical Association. Use them as a starting point and reference materials as you seek professional treatment from doctors that are local to you. The more you can learn and understand how your environment is effecting you, the faster you will be on the road to recovery.

From the guideline of the Austrian Medical Association for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF related health problems and illnesses (EMF syndrome).

There has been a sharp rise in unspecific, often stress-associated health problems that increasingly present physicians with the challenge of complex differential diagnosis. A cause that has been accorded little attention so far is electrosmog exposure at home, at work and during leisure activities.  This electro smog creates stress for the body and combined with chronic stress in personal and working life it can lead to burnout.

How can physicians respond to this development? The Austrian Medical Association has developed a guideline for differential diagnosis and potential treatment of unspecific stress-related health problems associated with electrosmog. Its core element is a patient questionnaire consisting of a general assessment of stress symptoms and a specific assessment of electrosmog exposure.

This guideline is intended as an aid in diagnosing and treating EMF-related health problems. Fill out the questionnaire and then provide it to a specialist in your area that can help you to determine if you are electrosensitive.  An electromagnetic survey of your home may be needed to determine if you need to make changes to reduce your exposures to electrosmog.

Click Here to download the interactive form.


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