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Long-term exposure to wireless radiation is a proven health hazard.

5G puts your privacy, security, safety and property values at risk. 


Join the growing number of Canadians who are 

pushing back against 5G .  

Thousands of published, peer-reviewed studies by independent scientists have demonstrated harm from exposure to radio-frequency (RF) microwave radiation. Serious human health problems include reproductive harm, neurological problems and cancer. Children and other vulnerable populations are particularly at risk. Read some of the most recent studies. 


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Please sign this very important petition. This is an international group of over 200,000 so far. The more people that sign, the higher chance we have of making a difference.


It essentially states “5G will add millions of new cell tower antennas to our already radiation-saturated world. These earth-based antennas will work together with tens of thousands of satellites in space. The plan is to impose 5G on land and in space to ‘provide infrastructure to connect every thing, place, and moment in time to the internet’. But we were never consulted and do not consent to an untested biological experiment on all Life.”

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